Dr. Dean Aslinia is a Board-Approved Supervisor for the Texas State Board of Examiners for Professional Counselors. With a doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision from Texas A&M University-Commerce, he brings vast experience and knowledge to new Masters and Ph.D. level Licensed Professional Counselor-Interns as they navigate their 3000 hour requirements to obtaining LPC licensure in the State of Texas.

Dr. Dean has more than 10 years of graduate-level higher education teaching experience, as well as more than a decade of private-practice, university clinic, and other mental health clinical experience. His experience enables him to provide not only the theoretical knowledge interns require, but also the practical intricacies involved with managing a treatment plan of a client. Dr. Dean has extensive training with the legal and ethical aspects of mental health and can provide his interns with an in-depth consultation regarding legal and ethical matters. His post-graduate trainings, certifications, and licensure in grief, sex therapy, and chemical dependency also add another layer of knowledge base that interns can benefit from.

Dr. Dean’s philosophy of supervision is rooted in the well-research models of the discrimination model (Bernard & Goodyear, 1992) and the full understanding of the development models of (Stoltenberg and Delworth, 1987).  This is a differentiating factor that Dr. Dean offers to continuously analyze the needs of the intern and determining the type of supervisor they would benefit most from (Counselor / Consultant / or Teacher). This approach also helps recognize the developmental stage of the supervisee as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced and follows their needs throughout the Supervisor-Intern journey. Dr. Dean’s philosophy includes a student/intern-led approach that enables the student/intern to take away the most benefit from the engagement. Dr. Dean’s approach is the foundation of his teaching style, as evident in his ULead ULearn Professional Training program. This approach translates to supervision sessions where supervisor-intern learnings are tailored to the intern’s needs, case-loads, and comfort zone. Ultimately, Dr. Dean assists his interns to ensure they have met all required standards to become the ethical, well-rounded clinicians.

Dr. Dean follows all of the requirements for supervision, as set forth by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.Per sub-chapter 681.92 of the LPC rules: (g) The LPC Intern must have received direct supervision consisting of an average of one hour a week of face-to-face or live Internet webcam supervision in individual (up to two Interns) or group (three or more) settings for each week the intern is engaged in counseling. No more than 50% of the total hours of supervision can be live Internet webcam supervision and no more than 50% of the total hours of supervision may be received in group supervision.

Supervisees may choose one of the following supervision packages:

  • Platinum Package: 5.5 Hrs. of Supervision + Unlimited Access + Resource Bank + Book ($95 a week or $360 monthly ($90)
    1 hour of weekly one-on-one, face-to-face supervision (4 times per month)
    1.5 hours of monthly group supervision or credit towards 1.5 hours of CEU offering (each month bonus)
    Unlimited Access to Live Internet Supervision with any cases that require additional processing
    Resource Bank Access: How to set-up a private practice binder (collection of a decade of necessary forms, best practices, marketing, etc..)
    Free copy of Dr. Dean’s book “Circles of Sexuality” how to conceptualize sexuality and it’s impacts on mental health counseling.
  • Gold Package: 4 Hrs. of Supervision + Once a week Access + Resource Bank ($75 a week or $280 monthly ($70)
    1 hour of weekly one-on-one  three times per month (2 face-to-face & 1 Live Internet Supervision)
    1 hours of monthly group supervision
    Once a week access (outside of regular supervision) to Live Internet Supervision with for any cases that require additional processing
    Resource Bank Access: How to set-up a private practice binder (collection of a decade of necessary forms, best practices, marketing, etc…)
  • Silver Package: 4 Hrs. of Supervision + Resource Bank ($65 a week or $240 monthly ($60)
    1 hour of weekly one-on-one twice per month (1 face-to-face & 1 Live Internet Supervision)
    2 hours of monthly group supervision
    Resource Bank Access: How to set-up a private practice binder (collection of a decade of necessary forms, best practices, marketing, etc…)

Dr. Dean requires the following documents prior to approving the supervision:
– Copy of your transcript from your graduate counseling program(s)
–  Copy of your National Counselor Exam (NCE) passage confirmation sheet
–  Copy of your Jurisprudence Exam Certificate
–  Completed State Required Forms
–  Completed Supervision Contract

Helpful Links:
LPC Supervision Master Checklist
Supervision Log Form
Supervisor Agreement Form
Intern Supervisor/Site Change Request Form
Supervised experience documentation Form

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be supervised by Dr. Dean for 20 months as I worked towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Dean’s passionate and warm approach allowed me to feel encouraged, empowered, inspired, and confident in my career. Our supervision hours were infused with his wisdom, grace, and years of experience in the field. Dr. Dean did an exceptional job at keeping me updated and informed with the HIPPA and HB300 rules and regulations as this is crucial to the field of counseling. I felt comfortable and confident with the supervision process as not only all my questions were acknowledged and answered in an effective and timely manner but also due to his limitless support and availability. I was always so impressed by his experience and mastery in the field of psychology and his unique and clear business sense. I have moved forward in my career in the most profound ways as i was guided by an enthusiastic, engaged, well-organized, and knowledgeable mentor.

Tannaz Moein M.S, LPC, New Horizons Center For Healing

Dr. Dean Aslinia began supervising me towards the collection of my required 3000 hours  in August of 2014 and I successfully obtained my full LPC License in December of 2016.  Dr. Dean with his passion, academic acumen, practical and comprehensive understanding of the Texas LPC rules, and his creativity became a  true mentor for me. His main goal has always been and continues to be that all of his students and interns earn a success story in their personal and professional lives. As as supervisee that observed him closely for more than 2 years, I cannot emphasize enough his numerous amazing demonstration of professionalism, ethical behavior, support, genuineness, and the ability to motivate me to attain the my licensure and self-efficacy.  Often times in supervision session, Dr. Aslinia’s approach was not only to process client issues, but to observe and do a debriefing on my presence and experiences. Dr. Aslinia’s dedication to fully preparing his supervisees to develop a professional and ethical viewpoint in helping clients is remarkable. He is goal-oriented, and with a solid mixture of great communication skill, character, and openness to discuss difficult topics, make this long journey extremely worth while.  Another one of Dr. Aslinia’s gifts is his ability to create opportunities for his supervisee’s self-growth and confidence.  He challenged me to tackle new opportunities by asking me to develop new projects, forms, writings, presentations for the clinic that I serve as the Assistant Director.  His holistic worldview features his amazing commitment to serve his supervisee’s needs promptly and urgently. Over the years in my interaction with Dr. Dean I have realized he is all that I have mentioned above and more,  in addition to being a loving and caring family man and a community leader not only in his local city, county, but also the entire State of Texas.

Reuben Ndomahina, Texas A&M University-Commerce Harold Murphy Community Counseling Clinic

Dr. Dean Aslinia was my supervisor while I was completing my Licensed Professional Counselor Intern hours. I found him to be a great source of knowledge and clinical experience due to the various positions he has held over the years. I appreciated his ability to provide me the safe space to learn and try things for myself. I have previously had supervisors who tend to micromanage or impose their theoretical orientation on me, but Dr. Dean was nowhere near this type of supervisor. He provided clinical case examples, support, always provided productive feedback and the room to grow professionally. Dr. Dean also went the extra mile in showing his interns the importance of being an advocate for the mental health field on both the side of our clients and for us as professionals. I would highly recommend him as a supervisor to new interns learning to find their professional identities as counselors.

Janette D. Macias, LPC, NCC, Counseling Creatively, PLLC