How to create a successful mental health private practice

After graduating from a accredited mental health graduate (counseling, psychology, social work) program, often the new professional is in search of best methods and ways to start a private practice. Unfortunately, graduate schools do not spend any time in training students for this venture. What often ensues is a lot of trial and error on the part of the new practitioner until they realize what works and what ends up being a waste of energy, financial resources, and lost income.

Dr. Dean Aslinia, with over a decade of private practice experience, opened three separate private practice counseling offices and clinics in 3 separate Texas cities.  He first formed his Richardson, TX practice and saw it grow to capacity and when he could no longer schedule additional clients due to shortage of rooms, opened up his second practice in Plano, TX. During the next 3 years of practicing out of both offices, he along with his former professor, and doctoral advisor, began to collaborate on a new vision.  That was to bring together all the different branches under the mental health realm under one roof, and to establish a one-stop-shop for Texans.  The main reason and purpose behind their idea was the realization of the long waits many clients and patients had to endure to get to see a psychiatrist or or mental health professionals. In addition to being aware, many of the mental health professionals in the area had opted to no longer accept managed care.  As a result, they formed New Horizons Center for Healing in McKinney, TX.  The new counseling practice, began being built in 2011 and opened its doors to first client in 2012.  During the next 4 years the practice experienced exponential growth.  From 4 initial therapists it grew to house more than 31 licensed mental health professionals ranging from psychiatrists (addiction, adult, and child) psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, sex therapists, chemical dependency counselors, play therapists, hypnotherapists, eating disorder specialists, among others.  This amazing growth which annually provided more than 15,000 appointments fast became the most comprehensive private mental health center in all of Texas. Additionally, the center was a recipient of several awards locally and nationally.  Notably, in 2015 the practice won the bronze award from the American Business Awards (Stevie) for the Best Start Up in the consumer service industry. The process takes 2-3 years for each nomination. Today, the clinic continues to operate as a successful center and continues to grow.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Dean’s work at New Horizons was paying off, he continued both seeing clients, teaching in graduate counseling programs, and continuing his professional trainings. During this time, he was approached for a couple of book deals, and was offered to sell his outpatient private practice shares.  Determining, the value was well worth is hard work, he sold his shares of New Horizons and continued with his many other professional engagements.

Now he can deliver and provide his many years of experience to you and your friends.

Here are a list of items he will cover with you as you consider embarking on private practice:

  • Where to set-up your private practice
  • Should I accept insurance, and if so, how do I get credentialed with managed care?
  • How do I market my practice?
  • How to set up billing?
  • Who to purchase malpractice and liability insurance from? and why?
  • Do I need liability insurance?
  • How should I accept credit cards?
  • How do I secure my notes? Files Cabinets or Electronic Health Records Systems ( I can share with them mine
  • How do I ensure I’m in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, HB300 medical records, privacy laws?
  • Do I need a quality assurance or management staff? or a Chief Compliance Officer?
  • What forms do I use, and how do I make sure I’m in compliance with mental health boards in my state?
  • What types of social media policies do I set, and how do I make sure those are in compliance with my codes of ethics?
  • How do I ensure safety of my staff and clients, by making sure no person carries any guns on my premise?
  • If I’m going to work with other practitioners what all do I need to know? Are they considered my employees, contractors, etc…
  • What are my legally mandated documents and frames that I need to post or have in my practice?
  • How do I make sure I don’t lose clients and schedule them when they call?
  • and many many more topics…..

Dr. Dean offers several packages for those considering consultation for setting up their practice for success:

Over 40+ Hrs.  of Consultation billed at $175 an hr.
20-39 Hrs.       of Consultation billed at $195 an hr.
up to 19 Hrs.   of Consultation billed at $225 an hr.

Special packages can be custom tailored to meet your needs.

I’ve known Dr. Dean for the past 9 years. Dr. Dean was my professor during my undergraduate program and is a remarkable man. Over the years, he has helped train, consult, and refine my professional career. Furthermore, Dr. Dean has been my mentor and helped guide my success. Dr. Dean has an extensive background in the areas of clinical operations and management, having owned 3 successful private practices. Having had over 10 years of teaching, writing research in professional journals and major book titles, and having served on many board of directors sets Dr. Dean apart from many of his colleagues.