Does Sexual Addiction Exist? or is it Out of Control Sexual Behavior? What’s the Difference? 

By Dr. Dean Aslinia Over the past decade much controversy has been created over the notion of "sexual addiction".  Some believe this label is a true mental health disorder, and in fact qualifies as a "brain disease" that one cannot cure.  To these believers the only option you have left after you've been "diagnosed" [...]

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A mental health expert’s prediction: There are going to be a lot more mass shootings and killings across the U.S.

Here are the reasons why: By Dean Aslinia, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC Over the past 35 days the citizens of the United States have had to grapple with a series of domestic terrorist acts. First inLas Vegas, where a killer named Stephen Poddock decided to settle his personal misfortunes with the deaths of more than 56 [...]

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Why Should Anger Get The Better Of You?

Anger Management in DFW, Court Mandated Anger Course in Collin County and Dallas County By Dr. Dean Aslinia Anger is a highly intense and often momentary emotional response.  This secondary emotion often develops towards people or situations when they don’t tend to conform to our expectations. More or less all of us [...]

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