By Dr. Dean Aslinia

January 16, 2018

As a therapist, but more specifically a sex therapist, each time I have heard a disclosure of child sexual abuse a little more of my heart has shattered! However when I’m the therapist, I not only have to remain strong for me to be effective for my client, but also strong for them so that they can begin the healing process. This public disclosure by @simonebiles, one of our nation’s gold medalists hit home for me yet again!

1. Because it’s yet another sick demented asshole taking advantage of a trusting child.

2. Because I have been a part of the hard road to recovery from the pain to survivorship.

3. That yet again, adults and organizations that we ought to trust and have faith in have let us down again, by not protecting those that we love!

US Gymnastics owes each of these 100 ladies a lifetime of apologies for having placed a sick predator in charge of their medical care and then had the audacity to call him a physician! But I will not focus on him, because who is important here are @simonebiles @alyraisman and the rest of the victims. Ladies, please know, I understand the pain, risk, strength, anxiety, and trauma that such disclosures carry with them. Being that you all are role models for so many girls in the world, please know your pains today, are so meaningful, purposeful, and profound in communicating to other victims of sexual abuse, that it has never been their fault and the shame and guilt is also not theirs! You are one major step closer to no longer being a victim and to now being survivors of a horrific period and incident that will NEVER again happen in your life.

In your moments of weakness and doubt, please remember you have the thoughts, prayers, and strengths of me and a whole nation behind you! We are here for you, as you were here for us on that gold medal stand.

You are gold medalists in the journey of life my friends. #remainstrong#nolongervictims #nowsurvivors#itookcourage #wearewithyou#youarenotalone #congratulations#weloveyou #dallassextherapist#drdeanaslinia #simonebiles #alyraisman#usgymnastics