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Dr. Dean’s Counseling Process is custom-tailored to the wishes of his clients, within the highest standards, protocols, and procedures set forth by the profession. All of Dr. Dean’s counseling and sex therapy sessions are private pay and out-of-network with all major insurance panels. Dr. Dean will be glad to provide you with a receipt and superbill (which is required by most insurance companies) to send in to your insurance for reimbursement.

Initial Intake and Assessment Session:

Dr. Dean’s Initial Intake and Assessment Session is scheduled to provide clients sufficient time to share their difficulties and hardships, understand the process of counseling, as well as for Dr. Dean to have the opportunity to ask for relevant psychological, emotional, environmental, and familial history so that together we can develop a collaborative treatment goal and counseling process.  For clients experiencing sexual difficulties this time also includes gathering information on your sexual history  where we begin to understand the primary roots of the concerns that bring you to our office.

1 – hour initial intake and assessment for individuals – $179
1.5 hour initial intake and assessment for individuals – $249

1.5 hour initial intake and assessment for couples – $279
Please note that for couples, the shortest intake session is schedule at 1.5 hours. Experience has shown when there are 2 individuals involved in order for a therapist to comprehensively be able to do an assessment and ask all the relevant questions for determining a treatment plan, as well as to allow each individual adequate time to be heard, at minimum 1.5 sessions is required.

Please note each additional 15 minutes of counseling is charged at $35

Follow-up Counseling and Sex Therapy Sessions:

Dr. Dean’s follow-up relationship counseling and sex therapy sessions focus on the goals set at the initial intake and assessment and analyze the root causes of the presented issues, concerns, or dilemmas the client may be facing. Dr. Dean believes that although difficult circumstances of the past have a major impact on the present psychological, emotional, and behavioral state of the client.  They are not forever paralyzed by those unfortunate past events, and that there is hope to determine a more healthy disposition, outlook, or response towards those past events.

1 hour follow-up sessions for individuals $149
1 hour follow-up sessions for couples $189
1.5 hour follow-up sessions $222 (individual and couples)
2 hour follow-up sessions $292 (individual and couples)

Please note each additional 15 minutes of counseling is charged at $35

Psychological Assessments

Psychological Assessments for Determining Personality Disorders, Sexual Desire Disorders, Out of Control Sexual Behaviors “Sex Addiction or Porn Addiction” start at $250

Other psychological assessment costs depend on the number of tests, types of reports required, and the clinical interview requirements.
They typically range from $300-$450

The Dr. Dean Difference:

Although it might seem there are more affordable and many in-network providers in the DFW area.  The Dr. Dean Difference is noticed in a very short period of time.  Dr. Dean himself spent the first 10 years of clinical experience providing pro-bono and managed-care services to North Texas Residents and the Residents of Highland Park, TX; University Park, TX; Addison, TX; Allen, TX, McKinney, TX; Plano, TX; Richardson, TX; Frisco, TX; and Dallas, TX.  Now with more than 30 years of combined experience as a student of psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, and sex therapy, a licensed clinician, a professor and counselor educator, sex therapist, mental health expert speaker, author, and leader in the field he now focuses on providing services to a much smaller audience of clients, to ensure he can devote his undivided attention in treating their concerns.  As his experience has grown, so have the complexity of the nature of the clients he treats and chooses to work with.  These much more complex cases, not only require the attention of an expert therapist who is appropriately educated, trained, and experienced in addressing those concerns, they also require much more out-of-session preparation, engagement, and feedback to ensure clients reach their goals in the shortest and most efficient amount of time.  So while other therapists may seem to be willing to do the job they believe he’s doing for much less, sometimes the efficiency, expertise, and quality that comes with over 2 decades of education, practice, and teaching will certainly be felt as the process unfolds.

Here are some of the highlights of the Dr. Dean Difference:

  • 20 years of combined psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, and sex therapy education, practice, and professorship
  • 10 years of having owned and operated 3 private practice clinics
  • Co-founder of the Most Comprehensive Private Mental Health Clinic in the State of Texas
  • Graduate Faculty Member of SMU, Texas A&M University-Commerce, and University of North Texas – Dallas
  • Clinical Director of 2 University Community Counseling Mental Health Clinics
  • Author of more than 75 emprical and peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, books, and professional presentations.
  • Past President of the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Counselors and a 10 year Board of Directors Member
  • Executive Board Member of the Texas Counseling Association
  • Board of Trustee Member of LifePath Systems (Mental Health Authority of Collin, Rockwall, and Kaufman Counties) Appointed by the Collin County Commissioner’s Court
  • Sex Therapy Educator and Trained Professional
  • Longer intake and follow-up sessions for clients, never-rushed, always collaborative, confidential, culturally sensitive, and research and evidenced based therapies
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