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Dr. Dean’s pre-marital counseling sessions are custom tailored to the needs and goals of each couple and are focused on areas the couple feels need the most attention in their relationship. The sessions allow couples to learn:

  • How to cope with stressors caused by work and external events
  • How to keep their romance alive in marriage by understanding each other’s needs and expectations (psychological, emotional, sexual)
  • How to deal with anger or lack of communication
  • How to resolve their individual or familial differences and learn about each other’s background
  • Identify the traps in their relationships by identifying their philosophical stance towards their relationship.

Typically about 6 sessions are required to be able to cover all the below listed topics. However couples are free to attend as many sessions as they find appropriate for their relationship.

  • Purpose and Vision for the Relationship
  • Communication
  • Money / Finances
  • Sexuality / Desire Assessments
  • Conflict / Problem Solving
  • Religion and Sprituality
  • Gender Roles / Marriage Expectations
  • Careers and Individual Interests
  • In-Laws and Family Interactions / Issues
  • Social Interactions and Friends
  • Children and Parenting