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Erectile Dysfunction or difficulties can be rooted in many things. Sometimes they are caused by physical or medical difficulties and sometimes they are rooted in psychological and emotional distress, after completing a sexual history assessment Dr. Dean will determine general pattern of what has caused this issue can can work with you to develop the appropriate treatment plan to address this very difficult situation.  It maybe necessary to see medical professionals (urologist, or primary care physician) to first rule out any physical health issue. Once we have ruled those out, then we can focus on any emotional or psychological attributes effecting this realm.


This topic is often misunderstood, mislabel, and misdiagnosed. Typically men believe this diagnosis is made by their partner and if their spouse or partner believes they ejaculate too soon, then they must have premature ejaculation issues. Dr. Dean spends appropriate amount of time educating couples on the background of what it takes to even carry this diagnosis, and if the man still believes he is struggling with this, then many techniques and interventions can be utilized to appropriately address the issue. Often times this topic leaves most men feeling vulnerable and emotionally “not enough”.  There is no need  for you to suffer with shame, guilt, or embarrassment. We will determine the most efficient and effective way for you to address this sexual concern.


On the other side of the spectrum of men suffering from premature ejaculation, many also suffer or experience difficulty with delayed ejaculation.  This condition also creates a tremendous amount of guilt, pressure, stress, and potentially embarrassment.  It can be equally difficult for the spouse or partner who frequently wonders things like what am I doing wrong, or what’s wrong with me. This difficulty is again sometimes rooted in a physical or even chemical (pills) induced conditions which can be treated with accurate diagnosis.