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Attending marital counseling, more commonly categorized as couples counseling, does not necessarily mean there is a huge problem in your marriage or relationship. Many individuals attend couples counseling sessions just to help improve their relationship. Marriage counseling, alone does not indicate that your marriage is in distress. All relationships have ups and downs and the people involved may need time to process and move forward during these times.

In distressed relationships, partners may begin to feel dissatisfied with the relationship and when, through fighting, they do not come up with a solution.  Instead, they become worn out and fatigued.  It becomes easy to disconnect at this point and lose the strong connection that may have once existed. When this happens, an outside opinion and relationship guidance can be invaluable.

The couple may, as a result of the loss of connection, withdraw, stop doing nice things for eachother, begin to display passive-aggressive behaviors, lose intimacy, and possibly resent one another. Sometimes couples distress can come from an external source such as substance abuse, infidelity, or family.

If you are committed to your relationship and do not want to see it lose its momentum, allow our marriage and family therapists and counselors to help you communicate your needs to your partner, set new boundaries in your relationship, and begin a new chapter in your shared history.

What Does Relationship Counseling Look Like?

Couples counseling is a variation of psychotherapy in which couples learn to overcome differences that are putting strain on their relationship. This gives them the tools to recognize and resolve conflicts in a safe place with a neutral third party, which can make all the difference.

By talking with a certified marriage counselor, two people can rebuild their relationship and interact with each other thoughtfully. Relationship counseling is often short term, though it can continue for as long as the couples need. Sometimes, a counselor will work solely with both people together or choose to meet with them individually at separate times. A specific plan will be organized after an initial meeting so that all parties can talk about what they would like.  It’s important you choose the option that makes you feel most safe and comfortable when it comes to learning and communicating.