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The word infidelity, carries with it enormous pains, heart ache, and grief.  Simply put, it implies the breaking of a commitment and the ensuing betrayal that is often paralyzing.  Infidelity does not only occur under the umbrella of sexuality. Many types of infidelity exists that can be detrimental to the growth of a relationship.  Some of these include financial infidelity, where one partner without informing their committed parter breaks the fiduciary duty and harms the financial wellbeing of the relationship or the family by often their unregulated compulsive behaviors. Emotional infidelity can also take root in a relationship as sometimes one or both partners no longer draw any emotional acceptance, or validation from their mates, and thus begin looking for that sense of attachment or belonging elsewhere.
Last but not least physical or sexual infidelity has become very common in our relationships.  In part, because the amount of access, affordability, or anonymity (AAA’s of Sex) have never been more readily available.  What typically used to take much coordination and planning, can now occur effortlessly by a click on an app, and the rest is history.

The consequence of such behaviors are often thought to be very simple. Over the past decade of having provided pare-marital counseling, marital counseling, divorce counseling, and sex therapy, I have heard many individuals state, “if she or he cheats on me, oh that’s the end of that relationship, no questions, no doubt”.  However, often times when the unfortunate reality appears in their relationships, their absolute resolution or plan, seldom seems as easily enforceable as they has previously believed. At this very difficult juncture, so many thoughts, emotions, practical and financial considerations, sometimes even involving little children come into the picture.  Now, what seemed like a easy decision to walk away, becomes not only a source of pain, confusion, but sometimes even psychological torture as one struggles to come to terms with the new reality in their lives.

The question of “should I stay or should I leave” is one of the most frequently asked questions.  The pressures our society exerts on what the right decision is rarely aligns with any of the considerations we struggle with. The process of Recovery from Infidelity in North Texas that Dr. Dean Aslinia offers, through the creation of a safe, understanding, and  compassionate environment, allows the individual or the couple to begin to review their relationship and where it went wrong.  Seldom does the couple at the early stages of the counseling or therapy process know what they want to do with the future of the relationship.  However, as they are provided the safe space to grieve the loss of their relationship, and to explore the many fine details of betrayal, loss of identity, breaking of boundaries, and examining the roles that led to such hurtful behavior, they begin to heal and become better able to choose a future that is fitting of their life and personal goals.

The therapeutic process of recovery from infidelity is often filled with a series of emotions (confusion, anger, pain, happiness, sadness, despair, hope, respect and so many more), and all must be honored, acknowledged, respected, and processed before an individual can successfully move past this stage of their love life.

Dr. Dean a renowned sex therapist, professor of sexuality counseling and psychotherapy, author, and speaker with his unique style of counseling, and fine-tuned expertise in the world of recovery from infidelity, can help you and your partner determine the future of your relationship, and your romantic desires.

Dr. Dean believes that you at least owe it to yourself, to know one way or another what you should do.  He further believes since, when you determine that choice it will have a life-long consequence for you this decision should be made with the utmost care, respect, and expert-led guidance.



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