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Be Multidimensional

Be multidimensional!  The longer I live, the more I realize we were not born to only fulfill one specific duty, but rather to live, to experience, to love, and to inspire those around us to be and do better. I recall being in high school and being told, follow your passion, then I grew up a few years and realized, while your passion satisfies some aspects of you, it still falls short.  For a series of reasons: 1. Perhaps because what you maybe passionate about is not necessarily what you are good at or vice-versa 2. Maybe you’re passionate about it, and you’re good at it, but it does not allow for your other aspects of your life to grow, 3. or perhaps you are passionate about it, good at it, and it allows you to do everything else, but still your heart longs to do something else also.  Then I wonder, Who said you have to only do one thing in life? Our life has become so many one things…. It’s as though our society has fallen in love with “the one” even though seldom do we find someone who has ever really experienced “the one”.  We are supposed to find “the one” love of our life and live with them all the way to the end.  While our society is facing historic divorce rates, we still charish this notion. Then we are supposed to find “the one” job or career and be happy with it for a life time, and so many other things. In my mid-adulthood, I’ve realized that I have done more jobs in my life than perhaps most people do in a life time. I have loved most of them, and at the end I’ve realized I’m really good at 3 of them.  So I’m doing all 3 right now and loving every minute of each. Counseling, Teaching (speaking), and Photography!  Here is a list of some of the other jobs I’ve worked: #pharmacytechnician #salesassociate #assistantmanager #phototechnician #valet #waiter #bartender #restaurantmanager #tellamarketer #countryclubmanagers #researchassistant #instructionaldesigner #painter #carpenter #realestateinvestor #counselor #therapist #professor #author #speaker #keynotespeaker #researcher #therapist #sextherapist #clinicdirector #businessowner #departmentchair #photographer #president #boardofdirectors …. I’m sure I’m missing a few… so let loose and go live life!!! Figure out what you’re good at!!! #inspire What have you done? e

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About the Author:

Dr. Dean Aslinia is a Licensed Mental Health Expert and University Professor. He holds a license as a Professional Counselor-Supervisor and a National Certified Counselor in the State of Texas. Dr. Dean’s educational background includes a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston, and a second master’s and doctoral degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce. Over the past decade, Dr. Dean has been engaged in professional trainings, clinical mental health practice, graduate higher education teaching, research, writing, and advocacy for greater mental health access for all Americans. In 2011 he co-found and created New Horizons Center for Healing in north Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area. The clinic over a five-year span grew and became the most comprehensive mental health clinic in the State of Texas. Housing more than 30 licensed mental health professionals, ranging from adult, child, and addiction psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and chemical dependency counselors, AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors, and Therapists) certified sex therapists, play therapists, and eating disorder specialists. His peers in the profession consider Dr. Dean a leader, as he is the Past-President of the Texas Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, a member of the Texas Counseling Association’s Governance Council, and currently serves on the Texas Counseling Association’s Executive Board. He was also appointed by the Collin County (North DFW) Commissioner’s Court to serve on the Collin County Local Behavioral Health Authority (MHMR) Life Path System’s Board of Trustees. He has also on several occasions, testified in front of the Texas House and Senate Health and Human Services Committees as well as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for advocacy of mental health related bills. Dr. Dean’s passion, strong leadership, and desire to create a greater social interest with his work has led him to creating Ulead Ulearn Professional Training Company, to provide companies, universities, schools, and organizations with a better understanding of the impact of behavioral and emotional health in their environment. Furthermore, helping companies achieve their goals by fully understanding their work-force, and addressing their concerns. Dr. Dean is an engaging, fun, inspirational, and high energy speaker with expertise in business and leadership development, relational health and communication, team building and trust, mental health legal and ethical compliance, emotional intelligence, workplace environment, and anger and conflict resolution. Dr. Dean has researched and taught on topics that hold individuals, employees, and executives from producing at their ultimate capacity. He in a concise, clear, and highly motivational delivery method communicates and delivers his message to his audience and calls for them to begin to take action on their lives. Media & Press Requests Please Email: [email protected]

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